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Diamond Joe Dutame


Senor Dinosaur

The Rocks

A warrior on the battle field of love Diamond Joe's music bleeds for the creative soul within all of us. Coupled with his faithful guitar he uses song to expose his heart as a beacon for the love lost and weary on the road of life. From busking to banquets his passion burns bright because we all start as rocks but pressure and time make diamonds. 

Every great story starts from humble beginnings, luckily this wasn't the beginning and it was anything but humble. One night, three guys met at an open mic in a Winnipeg bar. From this they went on to gain a reputation for playing too loud, too drunk and too short. Gathering followers from behind dumpsters and shouting obscenities from church rooftops they went on to win Power97's Class of 2012 by any means necessary.

The Rocks are an energetic and engaging pair. Both from different walks of life these guys are just that, rocks. Solid players with professional musicianship and class, bringing structure and style to any stage they come across. Blue collar boys who know how to have fun while they get the job done. Occasionally joining up with bass and drums they've played big events with big results.